Lady K Leeds Escorts

A Guide to Escorting

Leeds Escorting. The definitive guide to working as an escort.

Many ladies want to know whats involved in Leeds escorting. There are many different aspects to becoming an escort that many people dont know about. So have you got what it takes?

Intimate or Social?

This is the biggest yet unspoken topic when it comes to Leeds escorting. Some girls would like to believe that its about hanging out in bars and restaurants, while some know exactly what goes on. We won’t confirm or deny what the content of escorting is all about. If you want the answer then ask yourself these important questions

1. Why is it a discreet business?
2. Why dont people openly talk about it?
3. Why are the female escorts all dressed in underwear?
4. Why can you book escorts for 1 hour at a clients home or hotel?
5. Why does it matter what services the escort provides?

Clearer yet? If not then maybe you need to do some more research to find out what this business is all about. Or maybe ask yourself this final question.

If the Leeds escorts are models, why are their faces hidden.

The scams

There are many sites now that claim to offer social escorting. They make many claims about how they can guarantee appointments. In our experience of this industry, which amounts to many years, Social escorting is very rarely successful. There aren’t many reputable agencies around.

There is also usually a cost associated with joining such agencies. Anything from £100 upwards to be registered on their sites. The interesting thing is that they often have lots of members but none are receiving any work from it. To be fair and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, if it sounds too good to be true……It usually is!

More coming soon………Are you looking to join us?

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